Sunday, May 9, 2010

65th anniversary of the massacres of May 8, 1945 (photo on the stamp) of Bouzid saal first martyr of this event

Demonstrations and massacres of May 8, 1945 these massacres were elaborated, which drops the cup and is certain that the Algerian French colonists did not understand the language of dialogue and all the promises and slogans of equality and democracy is false slogans and taken by force to Estrdja only force. Was the spark that paved the way for the Algerian revolution. Oktralamdn were affected Setif, Guelma, and kherata

Efforts were being made between members of Friends of the statement and the freedom to coordinate the work and the formation of a united front, and there was a wave of publicity since January 1945 started letting people into enthusiasm for the demands of the statement. The conference was held by the Friends of the statement resulted from the demand for the abolition of the Municipal System mixed military rule in the south and make Arabic an official language, and then demand the release of Messali Hajj. This has led national activity was the fear of French and tried to arrest by the committees that consider reform, and the preoccupation with editing their country has led to the concealment of anger and kept waiting for opportunities to Algerians and they believed in the need to eliminate the national movement. The Algerians also said that the enemy with Charcot in World War Altanih Ihrro that their country and the soldiers in the Algerian war in the first row means a human shields for the French troops

Out Algerians in the demonstrations of May 8, 1945 to express their joy of the Allied victory, a triumph of democracy over dictatorship, and expressed their feelings of joy and demanded the independence of their country and apply the principles of freedom that lifting logo Allies during World War II, with demonstrations across the nation, it intensified in the city of Setif, which is the headquarters the main Friends of the Manifesto and freedom, and called for these demonstrations and freedom of Algeria independenceThe response of wheat on the peaceful demonstrations organized by the Algerian massacres of May 8, 1945, in a manner of oppression and mass killings and used ground forces, air and sea, and destroyed villages and Mdeshr and Circles as a whole. As a result of these massacres killed more than 45000 Algeria, their villages destroyed and their property from the end.

ALGERIA in world cup 2010 in south africa

The Algeria national football team is constituted by a selection of the best players in the Algerian auspices of the Algerian Football Federation.

Dubbed the Fennecs (foxes Sahara), it qualifies for World Cup soccer, 1982, 1986 and 2010 and won the African Cup of Nations in 1990 as host country (finalist of the CAN in 1980, 3rd in 1984 and 1988 and fourth last in 1982 and 2010).

For the third time in its history, Algeria has qualified for the finals of World Cup football (which takes place in South Africa in 2010) at the expense of Egypt during a replay held in Khartoum, Sudan, 18 November 2009.

Think you dear friend Michel from FRANCE Saint-saint denis